05JUL14 (Intro To Surf Zone Work)

05JUL14 (Intro To Surf Zone Work)

Today you get your first taste of a surf zone work out.

A surf zone sprint consists of starting face down away from the surf roughly 15 yards from the water’s edge.  Jump to your feet, turn and enter the surf and swim until you have cleared the break.  Once you clear the break, submerge and attempt to touch the bottom (this may be easier at shore break beaches), then exit the surf and sprint 30 to 45 yards up the beach.  Return to the starting position and recover in the leaning rest or face down in the sand.  This completes 1 round of a surf zone sprint.  Allow 1-3 minutes for recovery before beginning the next repetition, but always allow sufficient rest in order to maintain speed and intensity throughout all reps.

Here at Casa Verde Beach in Monterey, there is a sand wall that is between 30-45 yards away from the waters edge depending on the tide but you can set up your course how ever you would like.  If you train at a beach with a long way to go to the waters edge then you should make sure your course reflects your environment.  Train like you fight.

I will be doing it today (5JUL14) at 1400 PST  @ Casa Verde Beach and anyone is welcome to join.  If you are uncomfortable with surf zone work, there will be a qualified rescue personnel on site to set your mind at ease.  Going forward Apex Predator Athletics will be offering a free workout every Saturday somewhere in this playground we call Monterey Bay.

3 mile soft sand ruck (flat land + 40 pds)

10 surf zone sprints + 3 burpees

1.5 mile surf zone run (no ruck)

Ruck back up then do 3 rounds

25 flutter kicks + 10 lunges (each leg) + 10 air squats + 5 pushups