This was a challenging week in training because I had a large commitment to school.  I was able to carve out 2 hours four out of five days for training, and spent most of that time either in the pool or the Otter Sports Complex.  Going forward every pool session will have fins but I will alternate from Jet Fins to TYR Trainers depending on how my feet are doing.  Sundays work consisted of a 40 lb ruck + 2 liters of water in pants and LSA’s across the dunes for a 4 mile hike.  I will try and score log work as I move, and work in some short sprints up smaller dunes.



Part 1

Max Clean (BW 217lbs) 235lbs


4×12 @135lbs


x12 185lbs

x10 225lbs

x12 135 lbs

Part 2

Jet Fins

x500 CSS kick

x200 CSS

x500 CSS kick

x25 Pool Push Ups