Work Out 1

Todays workout was conducted in gear, but not full kit, at a 25 yard pool.  Gear consisted of mask, snorkel, booties, and jet fins.  I wore a speedo base layer and some pt drag shorts.  The work out is designed to ease my return to working with SAR gear for conditioning purposes.  The original goal was to do the 50yrds sprints with the first 25yrds being underwater and to do a total of 8 rounds, however my comfort level working with gear is low so I scaled to complete the entire set on the surface and 3 fewer rounds.

x 100 Free Style

x 100 Combat Side Stroke

4×25 Underwater Swim (1 breath)

5×50 Sprint (2:1 rest ratio)

10 Pool Muscle Ups

x 500 Combat Side Stroke

x 200 Freestyle Pull

x 100 Combat Side Stroke (no gear)

x100  Freestyle (no gear)

– Gear retrieval drills

– 25 Sprint / recover gear

– x50 back frog kick

Work Out 2

4 rds for time of 25 reps

Push Ups

Flutter Kicks

Air Squats