Necque: More Than A Hashtag

Necque: More Than A Hashtag

February 18, 2016 0 By ApexPredatorAthletics

You may have noticed a few new things on the site recently; it’s now easier than ever to follow us on Instagram with a link in the scroll bar, and “necque” has started being hashtagged and referred to in training sessions.

“Necque” is latin, and it means “never quit.”  It’s short, simple, and a direct reflection of my personal ethos which has seen me through life to this point.


It is also something we instill in our athletes from the very first session.  From the era of ancient warrior cultures to today’s modern operator, a special place has been reserved for those brave men and women who refuse to wither in the face of overwhelming odds.


We ask that you, our community, embrace our new motto and help spread it around.  Please hashtag #necque in your Instagram posts, and share what it means to you with people when they ask you about it.