17MAR14 – 23MAR14 Spring Break Training

All PT over spring break was conducted down at the beach by campus.  There were 3 logs there weighed a wide range, which I used for strength work as well as skill work.  The lightest log was used for surf zone recovery drills, while the heavy log was used for “log flips” and back squats.  The medium log weighed about 225 lbs and was used for buddy carry runs.  Some days I wore a GR1 with 40 lbs of sand and 2 liters of water for hikes or beach runs before working with the logs.  PT was conducted in either LSA Water Boots or barefoot, and wearing cami pants or a 3 mil full wet suit.  Focus drills, surf zone escapes, dune sprints, and wet and sandy training were all elements infused to each days PT.  Work load was 2-3 days on with 1-2 off depending on how I felt from the day before, but I have been trying to protect my shoulders as much as possible meaning few hard training days.


A side note:

The lightest log was also the most knotted and sharp.  Part of the challenge in surf zone recovery drills was positioning the log so that it didn’t take chunks of skin with it.  As you can see I wasn’t always successful.