Apex Predator Athletics
  • Just a few reminders

  • Coach Jodis is offering weightlifting instruction from 9 – 11 every Saturday congruently with our group fitness class.
  • We only have 4 scheduled classes left at CrossFit Monterey before we move, we would like to open these sessions up to our friends and family to participate in celebrating everything we have accomplished as a community over the past year.  If you were a member in the past, or haven’t been able to make it recently, come back and say “fair winds and following seas.”


warm up

APA obstacle course

x5 yard duck walk

x3 ring pull ups

x2 yard duck walk

x3 ring pull ups

-135/95lb barbell

x2 deadlifts

x2 hang power cleans

x2 thrusters

x2 20/24′ box jump



5-10 minutes of athletes choice mobility (1ea anterior/posterior  upper/lower 4min total)



3 rounds of 20 minutes

Block 1: 800m sprint with mandatory 1:1 work rest ratio EMPHASIS: SPEED


Block 2: 20 min continuous row.  pace from 2nd 500m must be maintained every 3rd 500m set.  EMPHASIS: ACCURACY


Block 3: max total weight moved over a 2o minute period, athletes choice of lifts.  Add up total weight moved at end of set (for example, 100 reps of bench press at 135 pounds = 13,500 pounds moved)


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