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Apex Predator Athletics

If you consider yourself a competitive Crossfit athlete a coastal lifesaver, a SOF candidate, or you’re looking to see where your functional fitness is at, try the challenge below.  Post your scores to the comments section of Facebook page.  Today’s challenge will be a “short” test and tomorrows programing will be a “long” test.  If you look at the progression of swimming events in the Crossfit Games it is clear to see that mastery of these two aquatic domains will be necessary to be competitive at the regional and games levels going forward.  Even main site now includes swimming in its programing.  We will be offering swim programing through this site and potentially a sister site.  If you are interested in coming to Monterey and working with Apex Predator Athletics in the pool of surf zone to improve your proficiency email


100 yard warm up (choice stroke)

For Time

1/4 mile sprint

500 yard swim (choice of stroke)

1/4 mile sprint

EMOM for 14 minutes

75 yard Freestyle + 5 Pool Pushups

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