BodyBuildingRev, German Muscle and Science

BodyBuildingRev, German Muscle and Science

January 29, 2016 0 By ApexPredatorAthletics

BodyBuildingRev, out of Germany, has an awesome YouTube channel worth taking a look at, especially there in depth movement specific seminars.  Most are in German with subtitles, but one is in English.  If you don’t mind following along, you will be rewarded with some amazing tips to boost your mobility and efficiency.


Come for the knowledge, stay for the well produced “Strength Wars” and “Body Building Meets” segments, and kick ass metal music!!!  These athletes test themselves against high-level athletes across multiple domains, putting their money where their mouth is by going into the elite training halls and learning how to improve.


I have posted links to them below, take some time and learn more about how to move with greater strength and power.