Calisthenics + Endurance (CAP)

Apex Predator Athletics

Calisthenics + Endurance

x5 rounds

max weighted bridge or leaning rest position holds

05/30/16 Calisthenics + Endurance (CAP)
05/30/16 Calisthenics + Endurance (CAP)

Accumulate 100/80/60 (scale as needed) reps per movement over the course of the day

  • we recommend breaking this up into sets of 6-20 reps per set

push ups

air squats


flutter kicks

spider man push ups


– This endurance block is designed as a single evolution.  If you train in a pool, run near your facility then immediately transition to the water and DO NOT TOUCH THE WALLS IN THE POOL

2-mile run + 800m mile swim

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