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Beach WOD are work outs that you can do anywhere there is sand and water. If you are really in a pinch you can do these work outs on a pool deck as well.


Todays workout was conducted at the pool in full SAR kit.  The goal of todays workout was to build up leg and ankle strength with the intention of taking full kit to the sea next week.   x400 yrds Random stroke warm up x500 yrds Kick 4×100 yrds Underwater Sprint (1 Breath) x500 yrds Kick…

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Workout 1 was conducted @ the Otter Sports Complex beginning at 11:30 then I went straight to the pool deck for workout 2.  Todays gear was goggles and TYR Fins but they were only used for subsurface work and the final 500. Workout 1 95 2×10 OHS 185 2×8 FS 225 2×6 BS 3×4 315 DL…

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Work Out 1 Todays workout was conducted in gear, but not full kit, at a 25 yard pool.  Gear consisted of mask, snorkel, booties, and jet fins.  I wore a speedo base layer and some pt drag shorts.  The work out is designed to ease my return to working with SAR gear for conditioning purposes.…

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