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The APA Swim Fin Progression is a free program designed for tactical athletes who are adding fins to their physical skills development program.  Swim fins provide the necessary propulsion to successfully transport both yourself and a partner/survivor in coastal and military environments.  While powerful, fins are also dangerous to new users who’s body’s have not been…

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A Non-Conventional Approach To Strength And Power Development in Aquatic Athletes

Monday night the Apex Predator Athletics Research Team (APART) gathered baseline aquatic data with California State Monterey Bay Women’s Water Polo(CSUMBWWP).  The team’s in-water metrics and land based strength and endurance testing scores will be measured throughout the three-phase strength cycle they will be following.  The program is a sport-specific design developed by Coach Scheppler, with…

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The Pool Muscle Up, demonstrated in the video below, is an important tool to be added to the aquatic athlete’s tool box.  Since swimming uses a primarily concentric movement pattern the posterior deltoid tends to over develop leading to injury, which makes it important to integrate eccentric movements into your training.  One of the best bodyweight exercises…

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