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Coastal Athlete Program

Distance – Swimming (CAP)

Todays training evolution is designed to develop your skill at managing out put during Distance training. You will complete 4 rounds of max distance swims along the shore line for 6 minutes per swim.  Alternate direction each round.  Swim outside of the surf break if you have any at your training grounds.  Take rest as needed between rounds, not to exceed 3 minutes.

Distance swimming

Fins are optional, if you use them in your sport/job use them here.  If you don’t, then don’t.


4 Rounds

x6min Max distance swim

  • <3min rest between rounds


When swimming for distance, make sure you alternate which side you breath on, unless there is significant wave action.  If there is wave action breath on the shore side to make sure you wont get swamped by early rollers or white caps.

If you are training in a lake, swim along the shore line or you can substitute swimming across the width of the lake as a round.



Coastal Athlete Program

Calisthenics&Endurance (CAP)

Calisthenics and Endurance

4 rounds

– 2 min rest between rounds

800m run

100m tactical bear crawl

100m sprint

800m run

calisthenics and endurance

3 rounds

xMax effort APA Hang Complex

  • Complete the following movement pattern with out touching the floor
  • x1 pull up
  • x1 chin up
  • x1 toes to bar
  • x1 alternating grip pull up
rest Coastal Athlete Program

06/02/16 REST (CAP)

Today is a rest day for CAP.  Below are some link to helpful active recovery and mobility options for you to stay active while still giving your body the chance to recover.  Also make sure to focus on common injury areas like the shoulders, lower back, and hips when mobilizing.

Here is a great video from Dr Starrett demonstrating a mobility progression to loosen the shoulders.  If you have time check out for more great content.  This is a great resource even if you don’t choose to pay for the services.


Onnit is an online retailer and education company that produces high quality content for free.  This hip mobilizing sequence is a perfect way to open yourself up.

Coastal Athlete Program

06/01/16 DISTANCE (CAP)

Bird Can’t Fly… Distance Day

distance training is always necessary

Some times your exfil platform just can’t get to where the survivor is located.  When in doubt, carry them out.  Or at least a safe distance where rendezvous is possible.  This work out would be best done at a track with dumb bells.  Include all rest time in final score.

Fore time:

2 mile run

1 mile farmers carry @60/30 pds