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These posts specifically address swimming in the form of articles, videos, and work outs. Participate at your own risk. Always swim with a buddy.

Puking in the gutter

Today’s sprint set works best with cross train fins for part A  and for part B you will be transitioning from the pool to the pull-up bar, place a towel or get your hands sandy first for grip. Safety first and all that crap.  This volume should feel like it’s pushing you if not let…

By ApexPredatorAthletics July 3, 2014 0

Mid Range Swim Skills Test

Today is a strictly swim workout designed to test you mid range swim skill.  Post scores in the comments section or on Facebook.  Look for daily amphibious programming coming soon.  If these work outs seem to short feel free to build on them, however, I would caution that quality of time in the pool is way…

By ApexPredatorAthletics July 2, 2014 0