Distance – Swimming (CAP)

Distance – Swimming (CAP)

Todays training evolution is designed to develop your skill at managing out put during Distance training. You will complete 4 rounds of max distance swims along the shore line for 6 minutes per swim.  Alternate direction each round.  Swim outside of the surf break if you have any at your training grounds.  Take rest as needed between rounds, not to exceed 3 minutes.

Distance swimming

Fins are optional, if you use them in your sport/job use them here.  If you don’t, then don’t.


4 Rounds

x6min Max distance swim

  • <3min rest between rounds


When swimming for distance, make sure you alternate which side you breath on, unless there is significant wave action.  If there is wave action breath on the shore side to make sure you wont get swamped by early rollers or white caps.

If you are training in a lake, swim along the shore line or you can substitute swimming across the width of the lake as a round.