Inaugural Chum Challenge

Inaugural Chum Challenge

August 26, 2017 0 By ApexPredatorAthletics

The first annual Chum Challenge, presented by APA, will test you skills and endurance in some of the most beautiful and sharky waters in the continental US. There will be three events requiring participants to meld fitness, savvy, and strategy to score the most points and earn the title “King Chum”. Points awarded for 1st through 5 finishers.

Course has two locations. Primary area is where WSW, rescue race, and swim (start/finish) occur. One TURN AROUND POINT is .75 miles down the beach.

.75 mile swim
1.5 mile run (White Shark Wiggle)
.75 mile swim

White Shark Wiggle
(Before you begin, +1 hand full of sand down your wetsuit for every minute it took you to run there) we will have someone announcing times from the turn MID POINT MARKER
120/80 push ups
100 lunges (4-count)
200 flutter kicks (4-count)


Head 2 Head races to rescue and retrieve (winner take all)
– brackets
– Seeding

Guards start 50ft from the water line, with gear in their left hand, and survivors will be outside of wave break (or 50yrds which ever is further). When the horn sounds, first guard to drag their victim across the line wins/advances.

Skills used
Surf zone nav
Rip rides
Buddy tow
Buddy drag