Introducing Bob Shannon

I would like to introduce Bob Shannon to the APA community.


I started out as a skater and displayed no athletic ability. When I was 16 I got into running track, and at 17 I started playing football. During my senior year in high school I got hooked on lifting weights and beating up my body. My best 100 meter time was 10.9 at an unofficial home meet. I played strong safety and was the head hunter for my football team. Near the end of my senior year I decided I wanted to become a SEAL so I enlisted in the United States Navy. At 165 lbs I could crank out over 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and do over 20 pull-ups. I was a pretty good swimmer and would run high 27’s 28’s in 4 mile timed runs on the beach, complete with camis and boots.

Cameron Brown and Bob Shannon

Coach Cam and Bob “The Apex Blogger” showing off their gainz in PCola

What happened at B.U.D.S.? Mentally I gave up (while playing in the surf.)

I then went on my quest to beat the piss out of my self with weights. I read a couple forums on the interweb, and took what points I thought were valid (to me at age 19). I played the Crossfit game for a couple months and then started doing my own “animal” workouts. Basically hybrid workouts using Crossfit, strength training and anything that I though would suck. Those were fun, I would push myself harder than I had ever imagined I oculd and that’s when I learned that I could do much more than I thought was possible. Then I shifted my focus to pure powerlifting. I noticed I hated the guys who did not have functional muscles and that would grunt, scream and make sure that everyone else knew they lifted at the gym. At that point I pushed myself harder mentally and stopped paying attention to any formulas, programs, or what other people said. I just trained my ass off.

Fast forward two years.

I’m 22. The injures I have accumulated over the years are: grade 2 tear in AC ligament in shoulder, umbilical hernia, compressed L4 and thinning L5, shin splints, and torn hamstring. I have never used any illegal drugs, I don’t believe in off days, and I don’t look down on people for not being as strong as I am. Nothing gets me more pumped than to see someone not only outwork me, but outwork the person staring back at them in the mirror. Currently my Prs in the power lifts are 545 pound dead lift, a 515 pound squat and a 335 pound bench. All are lifts that would have counted in competition and I used no equipment aside from a belt.

I weight 200-210 lbs on a normal day. I don’t plan for what I’m going to do at the gym, I just go and push myself to the point where I know I can’t go any further, then I do one more set.