Introducing Cameron Brown

I would like to introduce Cameron Brown to the APA community.


I started my athletic career after my parents split at the ripe age of 7 with football. Since then I have ran, played football, and raced my fair share in a pool. I started running middle distances through school, and after mostly just random frogs to run a few larger scaled endurance races and Tri, my last of which was the music city marathon in Nashville, where promptly there after my Ortho, advised me to stop, haha. I am a Military Vet. where I gave Special Operations a try but my neck did not. After my experience with Physical Therapy on my road to recovery, I found a passion to pursue it in school.

Cameron Brown

Coach Cam and Bob “The Apex Blogger” showing off their gainz in PCola

I’m a Level one Crossfit trainer, with a Powerlifting level 1 certification from The Westside Barbell Louie Simmons, and an Attitude Nation Level 1from the Jon North. I started pursuing a career in Olympic style weightlifting a few years ago after discovering that I have an unusually knack for it. I was training for the American Open last year, when I fractured my scalphoid (a small bone in my wrist, that carries a grim fait for recovery), after a half year of recovery and a little faith I’m back at it, just now returning to the glory of a 1.5+ BW snatch along with a few other youtube fueled feats of strength.

My knowledge is based on studies in anatomy, physiology, fitness, all things of awesome and always growing as I continue school.  I currently coach at Shakle Island Crossfit as a coach, which is where I do most of my training. I’m excited to be apart of this blog spot and can’t wait for this content to grow with our vast array of knowledge.


Coach Cam