Introducing Tristan Euritt

Apex Predator Athletics
My physical fitness background is primarily in swimming. I swam in high school and in college at the Virginia Military Institute. I was in the service with George and like him I was a surface rescue swimmer. I’ve coached people from the ages of 5 – 18 in swimming. I make my home now in rural South Dakota. There are not any pools close by so I’m mostly into running and calisthenics. I enjoy target shooting and like to watch the biathlon during the winter Olympics. I like the sport not so much for what is today but for what it evolved out of: a competition designed to test military skills necessary for the mountains; skiing and shooting. The original biathlon was called the “military patrol.” The participant had to cross country ski 25 km and change elevation at least 500 m and carry his service rifle and a pack of 25 kg. Since I’m not swimming much any more I plan on trying to set up my own impromptu Military Patrol course here in South Dakota for my own physical fitness benefit. Unfortunately I haven’t cross country skied much so that’s what I plan on working on in the winter.
Know as the “World’s finest elite SAR swimmer” during his tenor in the Navy, Coach Euritt has now turned his focus to taming the wild lands of South Dakota.
Random facts about me: I like flintlock firearms and old military bolt action rifles from the era of 1870s to 1918. I got my degree in mechanical engineering and I can really appreciate the design that went into these old weapons using traditional materials wood and steel not aluminum and plastic. I’m a big fan of craftsmanship and rifles made by the human master rather than the programmed computer. I’m not going to say I have a tech phobia but I definitely think we as the human race lose something every time a computer does something for us our brains could.
On a side note I’m not as hot as Tim Graef… Then again who is? Haha
– Tristan Euritt

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