Lessons from the Barbell

Lessons from the Barbell

October 26, 2015 0 By ApexPredatorAthletics

“Is there more to weightlifting than just lifting weights?” Someone asked me in between lifts in training this week.  Clearly a stupid question, right? “Nah, man. Weightlifting is literally lifting weights, and that’s about it.” I sarcastically replied. Later on though, I thought more about the question, and decided that I was wrong and that there may in fact be more to weightlifting than I originally thought. 


I believe that weightlifting has changed me as a person in more than a few ways. First off, I’m much stronger. I don’t fit in my golf pants anymore, which is cool.  But the physical changes aren’t what I really want to write about.  One thing that weightlifting has taught me is that to be successful in anything you have to have confidence.  I don’t care if you’re attempting a new PR, attempting to talk to your crush or trying to win a golf tournament, you need to have confidence.  This doesn’t mean be arrogant, and that’s another thing that weightlifting has taught me.  The barbell is very humbling piece of equipment.  As soon as you get just a little bit cocky that bar will put you in your place, and no matter how strong you get there will always be someone, somewhere, who is way stronger.  So be confident and not cocky, ok? Great. 


Something that goes along with all of this is never quitting. That is something that weightlifting has really instilled in me that I believe has carried over to every aspect of my life.  If you miss a PR attempt, try it again, and again and again and again. I’ve had situations where I’ve gone after a weight that I had no business trying to lift and doing it multiple times. Coach Schep can attest to this and usually it ends up with me setting another personal record. So I guess weightlifting is more than “just lifting weights.” Weightlifting will make you a better, stronger person.  It taught me to be humble and made me realize that there will always be more work to do, which is extremely motivating.  It taught me to be confident in my abilities and most importantly it taught me to never quit, and that seems like a pretty solid recipe for success to me, no matter who you are.