New year, new predator

New year, new predator

January 2, 2016 0 By ApexPredatorAthletics

warm up

foot speed touch drills (medicine ball)

Caterpillar walk outs

Finger tip pull up / ring row


Skill Development

Today’s skill development will be broken up into four separate stations, with ten minutes being allotted at each.  This is the first class in a 6 week cycle, look for future sessions to build on what you learn today.

Station 1

Row for accuracy 100m (5 burpee penalty for over shooting it) +1 spider man push up per M below goal


Station 2

4×4 Db balance drills

4×6 Wrist step ups + spider push up


Station 3

4 min Db pinch

APA Hang Complex (APA HC)
X denotes rep assignment
x1 pull up
x1 t2b
x1 chin up
x1 leg raise

Station 4

4×4 db strict press
3×10 ghd back extensions



For time:
4x200m alternating row/run
1 min recovery between rounds (leaning rest or 6 inch hold)