Puking in the gutter

Puking in the gutter

Today’s sprint set works best with cross train fins for part A  and for part B you will be transitioning from the pool to the pull-up bar, place a towel or get your hands sandy first for grip. Safety first and all that crap.  This volume should feel like it’s pushing you if not let me know.  If you do vomit, make sure you make it to the gutter otherwise you will get the pool shut down and no one will be your friend anymore.


150 yard warm up (choice)


EMOM 20 minutes

Odds = 50 yard freestyle + 5 Pool Push Ups

Evens = 50 yard Butterfly or Combat Side Stroke + 8 4 count flutter kicks

5 minutes rest (remove fins)


5 rounds

200 yards combat side stroke or free style + 10 pull ups + 20 push ups + 20 air squats + 20 lunges + 10 wide grip push ups