Water Survival Skills Development

Water Survival Skills Development

Water Survival Skills Development (WSSD) is a course designed to teach tactical athletes how to thrive in a maritime coastal environment. The curriculum will be delivered in a professional manner designed to simulate military training evolutions.  All participating athletes will be asked to sign a conduct agreement prior to participating in training evolutions.


Curriculum will include:

  • mental toughness development
  • basic surf life saving
  • surf zone navigation
  • squad physical training
  • team work and leadership skills
  • distance and open ocean swim instruction
  • jet fin tutorial and supplemental progression program
  • developing a personal “warrior ethos”

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Qualified rescue and medical response personnel will be standing by, on station, at all times.  The “training time out” policy will be in effect at all times, and athletes are encouraged to use their best judgment in exercising this right.



Athletes will be expected to pay at the beginning of the session, and there are no refunds. WSSD is a team evolution, developing report and accountability with your squad mates will give you the best opportunity to succeed.  Attendance at all evolutions, while not mandatory, is strongly encouraged.  Two is one, one is none.

Dates to Be Announced at the end of summer
Winter session