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The Pool Muscle Up, demonstrated in the video below, is an important tool to be added to the aquatic athlete’s tool box.  Since swimming uses a primarily concentric movement pattern the posterior deltoid tends to over develop leading to injury, which makes it important to integrate eccentric movements into your training.  One of the best bodyweight exercises…

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Puking in the gutter

Today’s sprint set works best with cross train fins for part A  and for part B you will be transitioning from the pool to the pull-up bar, place a towel or get your hands sandy first for grip. Safety first and all that crap.  This volume should feel like it’s pushing you if not let…

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Are you ready for the Games?

If you consider yourself a competitive Crossfit athlete a coastal lifesaver, a SOF candidate, or you’re looking to see where your functional fitness is at, try the challenge below.  Post your scores to the comments section of Facebook page.  Today’s challenge will be a “short” test and tomorrows programing will be a “long” test.  If you look…

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