The Pool Muscle Up, demonstrated in the video below, is an important tool to be added to the aquatic athlete’s tool box.  Since swimming uses a primarily concentric movement pattern the posterior deltoid tends to over develop leading to injury, which makes it important to integrate eccentric movements into your training.  One of the best bodyweight exercises…

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As of today Apex Predator Athletics will be offering work outs in Marina California twice weekly.  Saturday afternoons will be beach workout days somewhere in the Monterey Bay coastal area and Monday evenings will be reserved for dry land training.  Keep your eyes on the Facebook Page for times and locations to be announced.  Both sessions…

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An Ode To Jet Fins

Originally introduced way back in 1965, the Scuba Pro Jet Fin has remained a standard issue item in kit bags of special operations personnel, civilian divers, and good looking talented people everywhere despite “more ergonomic” and “less painful” options being available. From the deltas of Vietnam to the deep sea and everywhere in between, jet…

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