The Pool Muscle Up, demonstrated in the video below, is an important tool to be added to the aquatic athlete’s tool box.  Since swimming uses a primarily concentric movement pattern the posterior deltoid tends to over develop leading to injury, which makes it important to integrate eccentric movements into your training.  One of the best bodyweight exercises to support posterior deltoid development are traditional strict (NOT KIPPING) pullups.  However, unless you are at a military pool the odds are there are not pull up bars directly on the swim deck.  So start integrating this new movement that when done properly (i.e. Strict with no kick subsurface) will lead to strength and hypertrophy gains in you lats, traps, and shoulders in addition to increased pull strength in the water.  The harder you pull, the faster you go, the better you preform.  START DOING POOL MUSCLE UPS TODAY!

CrossFit Lynchburg made an excellent video demonstrating a proper pool push up.


  • 20 Min continuous free (fins+mask+snorkel) no wall touches
  • 30 Pool Muscle Ups
  • 5X100 yrd Combat Side Stroke + 10 Pool Muscle Ups + 10 Dumbbell Row Push Ups (20 pds)


  • 5×3 Push Press@ 85% of 1 RM
  • 5×3 Bent Over Row @ RPE 8
  • 4×25 KB swings (20kg)