The Question of Crossfit (Response from Cameron B)

This is the second response, written by Cameron Brown, to my original posting which asked the question of “how do you view CrossFit?”  If you would like to read Bob’s response the link is here. If you would like to read the original article, the link is here.


One of the most controversial topics I have ever had to discuss as an Athlete/Trainer is CrossFitCrossFit to many people lies in one of two general categories; Either you find it to be a ridiculous waste of time and struggle with the concept of a kip, or you see the good it can offer in the community it develops and the underdog success stories people have achieved through the CrossFit life style. Because when it comes down to it, CrossFit is in fact a lifestyle. Now before I go on, I want to make two things very clear, I am a CrossFit level 1 coach at a very developed CrossFit “box”, and two I do not actively do Crossfit.


Many people see Crossfit as being a bunch of people with terrible form being trained by other people that don’t know much more about what they are actually doing than the trainees do, and unfortunately more often then not this is the case. But say you stumble onto a “good gym”, you will see a small local business owner, that has a passion for “fitness” but when I say fitness, I mean any and all domains of the definition. I’m a very firm believer of Fitness, and as long as you aren’t a keyboard warrior on readit, and/or youtube and you have a passion to better your “bod”, I’ve got nothing but love for you. But back to my point, You’ll find a growing group of Athletes at this small gym, training to become better, not only training their bodies but also their minds, constantly growing their knowledge of form, mobility, recovery techniques and maybe even where those new Lemon Lu Lu pants be at.

The point is, yeah people are getting ripped off daily by idiots that dropped a grand and had a free weekend, that have no idea what the hell External rotation and Internal rotation of you glenohumeral is and which is bad for your shoulders at the bottom of a snatch. But the people I know, look at Crossfit as more of a Hub, to find “their Fitness” ranging from doing the O-course with a full loaded tacti-cool vest with an 80lbs bag of sand to prepare for the worst or, even an Olympic hopeful that found weightlifting through Crossfit, with his first chance of some success in the sport by taking a professional team at the age of 17. Either way Crossfit can help you find that type of Fitness that’ll click for you.

I’m Cam, and that’s what I think””drops mic”‘