WSSD December dates/intel

WSSD December dates/intel

November 27, 2015 0 By ApexPredatorAthletics

WSSD December sessions

This months 3 session block of WSSD curriculum will build on previous sessions, but be open to new participant enrollment.

While there will still be an amphibious component to this months sessions, the emphases will be on teaching practical battle field skills and the fitness demands will be dramatically more challenging.

Please contact us to get registered during our enrollment window (27NOV-09DEC) if you are not currently attending sessions regularly.



Muster: 1600

Location: Marina state beach

Wet and sandy

  • Surf beat down
  • Buddy drags
  • “Calisthenics” SAR PT style


DEC12 [X]

Ghost Town

Muster: 1700

Location: Fort Ord

  • Infill
  • Tactical movements
  • Bounding
  • Basic combat rifle patterns
  • Scatter and regroup
  • Cover vs concealment
  • Practical explanation and demonstration
  • Buddy carries
  • Exfill


DEC16 [X]

Murphy’s Law

Muster: 1700

Location: Best Western

  • Squad run from Best Western to pier
  • Once at pier calisthenics (contact with enemy)
  • Deal with fall out of contact
  • Exfill

[X] = headlamp or flashlight required (chem lights provided)

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